Important Dates/Program (general)

Oral Presentations
12-Feb-2021 Call for abstract for oral presentations ends
26-Feb-2021 Informed on acceptance of oral presentations

Showcase Media
12-Feb-2021 Call for abstract for showcase media ends
26-Feb-2021 Informed on acceptance of showcase media

12-Mar-2021 Registration deadline for contributed speakers
24-Mar-2021 Registration Closes

General Program

Time (CET) Monday, 29th March Tuesday, 30th March Wednesday,
31st March
11:30-12:30 am   POSTER SESSION  
12:50-1:00 pm Opening by the chair  
  Chair: Mariana Monteiro Chair: Davide Pavesi Chair: Matthew Philips
1:00-2:00 pm KEYNOTE Beatriz Roldan
Angel Cuesta Maximilian Fleischer
2:00-2:20 pm Miguel Duarte
"Economic Valorization of CO2 Electrolyzers with Metal-Nitrogen-Doped Carbons and Reactor Engineering"
Paulina Pršlja
"Theoretical Design of Single-Site Catalysts for Efficient CO2 Reduction"
Emiliana Cofell
"Electrolyte-Dependent Degradation Mechanisms in Gas Diffusion Electrodes for Carbon Dioxide Electrolysis"
2:20-2:40 pm Elli Vichou
"Ionic liquids’s Co-catalytic Effect on Electrochemical CO2 Reduction Mediated by Model Molecular Catalysts"
Justin Bui
"Understanding Transient Mass Transport in Pulsed CO2 Electrolysis on Copper Catalysts"
João R. C. Junqueira
"Hydrophobicity of the Catalyst Layer Impacts on the CO2 Reduction in Gas Diffusion Electrodes"  
2:40-3:00 pm David Raciti
"High Aspect Ratio Ag Nanowire Mat Electrodes for Electrochemical CO Production from CO2"
Henrik Kristoffersen
"Towards Constant Potential Modeling of CO-CO Coupling at Liquid Water-Cu(100) Interfaces"
Frédéric Jaouen
"Carbon Crossover Mitigation with Bipolar Membranes in CO2 Electrolyzers"     
  Chair: Chunmiao Ye Chair: Rebecca Pittkowski Chair: Federico Dattila
3:15-4:15 pm KEYNOTE Peter Strasser Nicola Marzari Maria
4:15-4:35 pm Paula Sebastián Pascual
"Experimental study of pH and electrolyte effects on the interfacial properties of Cu single crystalline electrodes for CO reduction"
 Takeshi Nishimoto
"Electrolyte Engineering to Deliver the Full Potential of Oxygen Evolving Electrocatalyst at Near-Neutral pH"    
Rebecca Pittkowski
"Enhanced Oxygen Evolution Activity of Prototypical LaNiO3 Perovskite by Exposure of novel Ni(III)-rich surface motifs"   
4:35-4:55 pm André Dourado
"CO2 Reduction Reaction on Cu2O Electrodes: High Faradaic Currents at Low Overpotential Accompanied by Current Oscillation"
Dulce M. Morales
"A Reliable Procedure for the Determination of Double Layer Capacitance and its Impact on the Apparent Activity of Oxygen-Evolving Electrocatalysts"    
Philipp Röse
"Dynamic Kinetic Modelling: From Micro to the Macro-Scale on the Examples of OER and CO2RR"
4:55-5:15 pm Federico Dattila
"Active Ensembles and a New Selective Intermediate for CO2 Reduction on Oxide-Derived Copper Catalysts"
Spyridon Divanis
"Oxygen Evolution Reaction: A perspective on a decade of atomic scale simulations"
Rik Mom
"Operando XPS and XAS during the oxygen evolution reaction on IrOx and RuOx"
5:15-5:35 pm Wojciech Nogala
"Preparation of Cu Nanostructures and Analysis of Their Activity Towards CO2 Reduction by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy"
Zhichuan J. Xu
"An experimental observation of oxygen evolution reaction by magnetic oxides under an external magnetic field"
Kai Exner "On the Optimum Binding Energy in the Oxygen Evolution Reaction"
5:35-5:55 pm Beatriz Ávila-Bolívar
"CO2 Electroreduction to Formate on Sn, Bi and Sb Nanostructured Electrodes: from Fundamental Studies to Practical Devices"
Gary Harlow
"Surface sensitive tools for in situ studies of energy materials"
Johanna Schröder "The gas diffusion electrode setup as straightforward testing device for proton exchange membrane water electrolyzer catalysts"
6:00-7:00 pm POSTER SESSION   Announcement
poster prizes,
closing remarks

The posters will be evaluated by a committee comprising of Elcorel fellows.
Prizes amounting a 100 euros voucher will be granted to the three best contributions.